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Lapeer County 40th Circuit Court - Family Division - Custody and Parenting Time and Child Support

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                      40th CIRCUIT COURT

                     CIRCUIT COURT - FAMILY DIVISION


The Family Court handles cases involving custody and parenting time of children.  These matters can be part of a divorce proceeding, or in the case of parents who are not married, they can be handled as separate cases only involving the children.

The Family Court tries to give these cases priority because often the best interests of children is at issue.  At times the Court will use the services of its Friend of the Court and other professionals to assist in resolving these issues.  Most parties are required to attend an instructional program called SMILE to increase awareness of the effects of divorce and separation on children.

In most cases, the Court will approve a joint custody arrangement with both parents to allow them both to participate in the major decisions involving minor children.  Some families are able to share the parenting time with the children.  In other cases, one or the other parent may provide more of the actual daily parenting for the child with the other parent having parenting time on a more limited bases.  It is always the goal of the Court to have both parents involved with the children.

Child support is usually based on the Michigan Child Support Formula which factors in the incomes of the parents and a number of other factors and determines a reasonable support figure.  Child support is usually paid through the Michigan Disbursing Unit and enforced by the Friend of the Court.  Ensuring compliance with child support obligations is also a priority of the Family Court.

Additional information regarding custody, parenting time and child support can be obtained by visiting the Friend of the Court website.


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