255 Clay Street, Lapeer, MI 48446


Joseph Stock Director


2018 Park Season
No Entrance Fee
No Alcoholic Beverages

Call for Pavilion rental rates
(810) 245-4794

Email for Pavilion rental rates




     August 17,2018 will be the last day that the park will be open for the season.



     August 27 - August 31 The park will be closed. September 1 - September 3

     The park will be open with September 3 being the last day of operation (Labor Day).

     Beginning August 11, it may be necessary to close down certain parts of the play area

     at each park dependent on staff availability  each day to allow for staff breaks

     and lunches.

     This will be decided on a day to day basis. On those days, water park patrons will

     be charged only $5.00 VS. $6.00.





General Squier Park   GenSqPark02

                                       4725 South Mill Rd., Dryden, MI. 48428

Park Hours

9am - 8pm Daily

Water Park

11am -  6pm Fri,Sat,Sun

Admission to Water Park:
46"+    $6.00
Under 46"    $5.00
Spectator    $2.00

The Major General George O. Squier Club continuing the idea and ideals illustrated by: Major General George O. Squier, its founder.



Torzewski County Park    Torzewski Pool2

                                              2051 Pero Lake Rd. , Lapeer MI. 48446


Park Hours                                                           Facility Rentals                         Nature Trails

9am - 8pm Daily                                                   Outdoor Pavilions                         Pero Lake Shoreline Fishing

Water Park                                                                                                                State Fishing Laws Apply

11am - 6pm Daily                                                                                                       Playground

Water Park Prices Same as Above                                                                            Sand Volleyball Court

                                                                                                                                  Softball Diamond

                                                                                                                                  Picnic Areas