Traffic tickets are processed by the traffic division of the District Court.  Defendants may either admit responsibility and pay the fine; admit responsibility with an explanation in writing the Magistrate or in person; or may deny responsibility and request a hearing.  The defendant may request an Informal Hearing with the Magistrate where no attorneys are allowed, or a Formal Hearing before the Judge where the prosecuting official will represent the police officer and the defendant may also have an attorney.

If the defendant elects to pay the ticket, payment must be made with either a check, money order, cash or credit card (additional fee assessed for payments using a credit card), within 28 days of the issuance of the ticket unless the defendant requests an extension from the Court.

Upon payment of the ticket, the information regarding the traffic violation is reported to the Secretary of State which then posts the ticket to the defendant's driving record and assesses the points.  A driver in the State of Michigan can receive up to 12 points within two years before having his driving privileges suspended by the Secretary of State.

Admitting responsibility with an explanation may be presented in writing to the Magistrate or in person at an informal hearing.  The Magistrate will enter your plea of admit responsibility and may adjust the fine.  The Magistrate cannot waive or reduce points.  Points are assessed by the Secretary of State.