County Courthouse
255 Clay street
Lapeer MI 48446

Emil H. Joseph III, Friend of Court
Jamie Podoba, Deputy Friend of Court

Telephone: (810) 667-0377
Interactive Voice Response (IVR): (877) 543-2660
FAX: (810) 667-0390





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The Friend of the Court is the collection, enforcement and investigative arm of the Circuit Court in the area of domestic relations.

The action by the office is dictated by court order. Orders are issued by the court after the Judge has made a determination and the written document is signed, then filed with the county clerk.

To obtain a domestic relations order from the Court, the issue has to be brought before the Court through formal legal action. This is accomplished through private attorneys, sometimes the prosecuting attorney or by action of one of the parties.

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The Friend of the Court does not become involved until action is filed with the court.

Questions about the status of child support payments should be directed to the Lapeer County IVR through the 24-hour case information access line at

(877) 543-2660 County Code 527.