This office maintains records of each birth which occurred in Lapeer County beginning in the year 1867, however these are confidential records.  Birth records 110 years and older may be issued upon written request and payment.  On written request, a search for a specific record will be made by the Clerk's staff.  Proof of requestor's eligibility to receive a birth record of less than 110 years will be required.

Birth records are released only to those individuals which are listed on the record.  (Parent or person named on the record)  The only exception to this would be if you have proper documentation proving that you are a Legal Guardian, Legal Representative, Court Representative or Heir of deceased person named on the record.

The charge for one certified copy will be $15.00 and each additional copy of the same record requested at the same time will be $5.00.  You may stop by our office during normal business hours to obtain the record.  By State law, we are required to verify your identity, therefore we request to see your picture identification (drivers license) prior to issuing a record to you.

You may request a copy of your birth record by mail.   Just print and complete the form and sending it to us along with the required payment and documentation.  We will mail the record to you the same day we receive your request in the mail.


Vital Records Request Form