Joseph E. Suma - Drain Commissioner
Phone: (810) 667-0371

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 The Importance of Michigan's Drain Commissioners

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 The Importance of Michigan's Drain Commissioners


The Drain Commissioner is a statutory officer elected every four years on a partisan basis. The primary duty of the Drain Commissioner is the administration of the Michigan Drain Code of 1956, as amended, to construct, operate and maintain a system of county and inter-county storm drains. Other programs and responsibilities of the Drain Commissioner include the operation and maintenance of established lake levels and flood control structures; review and approval of new subdivision plats with repsect to storm bids, awarding contracts and securing financing for projects; the administration of construction and/or financing of other infrastructure projects of local governmental units under provisions of both P.A. 342 of 1939 and P.A. 185 of 1957.




Improve efficiency of the storm drain maintenance program and provide the most cost-effective operation and maintenance. Provide and assist all parties in planning and developing the ways to correct drainage sewer and water problems. Reduce the time it takes to accomplish hearing, planning and design stages of petitioned new drains or for reconstrution of existing drains to a period no longer than two years. Develop and implement a drain crossing/connection permit system with appropriate fees. Maintain a current and effective record of individual drain fund financial activities. Develop a direct computer link between the drain office, Equalization Department and Treasurer's office for accessibilty to current property owners, legal descriptions and to directly download special assessments onto tax notices. Provide information for the GIS mapping system on USGS base maps enabling easy and accurate access to soils, drains, drainage districts, landowners and property descriptions.