Medical Examiner’s Office


MIFSM is handling cremation permits and death certificates for Lapeer County.

Contact Information:

MIFSM (Michigan Institute of Forensic Science & Medicine, 4707 McLeod Drive, Saginaw, MI  48604

       Phone #:  989-341-5077
      FAX Line:  989-341-5077 (yes, same #)
       Staff Email Inbox:

Services for Medical Examiner Cases Only

The services provided are ordinarily used by county law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office and families of those individuals who die by means falling within the legal responsibilities of this office.

The Medical Examiner also uses data from deaths in Lapeer County to promote the health and well being of Lapeer County residents.

Death Certificates on jurisdiction deaths will show the manner of death (Natural, Homicide, Suicide, Accident, or Undetermined) the cause of death and whether or not a post mortem examination (autopsy) is done.

List of Permits and Services

Please contact MIFSM for a current list of fees.

  • Cremation Permits for Funeral Homes/Cremation Services
  • Disinterment/Re-Interment Permits
  • Autopsy & Toxicology Reports (Call for Medical Release Form and fee)
  • Group Presentations on issues related to the health of Lapeer County residents

Listed are definitions of how the Medical Examiner retains jurisdiction of an individual dying as a result of one of the following manners of death:

  • Homicide (other-inflicted death)
  • Suicide (self-inflicted death)
  • Accident (ex: car crash, falls, drowning)
  • Criminal abortions (including self-induced)
  • An unforeseen, unexpected and/or sudden unexplained occurrence
  • In government custody (ex: jail, prison, or while being detained or transported)
  • Residing in or being transported by any State-licensed facility
  • Under Federal penal control, such as executions
  • Child Deaths (all individuals less than 18 years old)
  • Suspicious circumstances surrounding the death

* For information on how to obtain a Death Certificate and the fee from the County Clerk’s office click on the Link below:

                        Lapeer County Clerk - Death Records