(810) 245-5827 or

(810) 667-0448

Preventing the spread of communicable disease is one of the main jobs of the Lapeer County Health Department. 

Our Communicable Disease Division staff work with physicians, hospitals, schools, employers and the people that live and work in Lapeer County to help keep our community as healthy as possible.  A Registered Nurse follows up on reportable diseases as required by the Michigan Public Health Code and is available to answer questions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For information on HIV testing locations in Michigan please call:

(800) 872-AIDS or 888-826-6565


Sexually Transmitted Disease/HIV & AIDS


Court-ordered testing is available by appointment (810) 667-0448

You must call for an appointment if the court has ordered STD/HIV testing.  Minor children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The cost of the testing is $175.00, payable at the time of the test.  


TB Testing: 

Clinics are held early in the week; you must return to the clinic in 2-3 days to have the test read.  Call (810) 667-0448 for an appointment

Animal Bites:

Public Health Nurses and Animal Control Officers follow up on Animal bites and assist in obtaining vaccine, if needed to prevent rabies.

Food Poisoning:

Staff conduct investigations and work with residents who may have been exposed to contaminated food or water


Communicable Disease Annual Report 2017 (pdf)