Public Health Emergency Preparedness

A public health emergency is a situation or event that requires immediate action by the public health system in order to prevent or alleviate disease or injury to residents of, or visitors to, Lapeer County. These might be natural disasters, disease outbreaks, large-scale food or water contamination, long periods without water or electricity, or exposure to harmful chemical, radiological or biological agents from an accidental or terrorist action.

The Lapeer County Health Department and the Lapeer County Office of Emergency Management have emergency preparedness plans for public health threats. We follow guidelines from the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to make sure that our plans work with state and federal agency plans.

Preparedness is Everyone's Responsibility

Everyone should learn what kind of emergencies can happen in their own community, schools, workplace and businesses. Knowing about these can help you be ready when disaster strikes.

Businesses need a plan, too. A plan will help protect employees and lessen the impact on the business so it may remain open or re-open quickly.

If disaster strikes, you might not have access to food, water, or electricity for some time. Make the effort now to make an emergency supply kit. Have emergency kits for your home, office, school, and vehicle.

Police, fire and rescue may not always be able to reach you quickly. Everyone should prepare to be self-reliant for three days without utilities, access to a supermarket or local services or maybe even without response from police, fire or rescue.  Take action now to make sure your family, neighbors and community are ready for emergencies and disasters of all types.

1 Put together Emergency Supply Kits

2 Make a Family Emergency Plan

3 Be prepared to help your neighbors, especially those who are Senior Citizens

     or who have Special Needs 

4 Don’t forget to include your Pets

5 Have a business?  Every Business Should Have an Emergency Plan:

The safety of you and your family during an emergency may depend on decisions made within a few seconds.  Creating a plan and talking about it ahead of time may make all the difference!     

                              Preparing Makes Sense, Get Ready Now! 

Our Emergency Preparedness program wants to help you be ready for an emergency. Please take a moment to visit the following sites to get started: