Lieutenant Gary Parks          810-245-1382   

D/Sgt. Chad Polmanteer        810-245-1335  

D/Sgt. Jason Parks                810-245-1381   

D/Sgt. Robert Wells                 810-245-1368 

Tip Line: 810-245-1374  


 The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau provides investigative and forensic support. Detectives possess special areas of skills, training, and expertise to enhance investigations. Patrol division deputies are unable to devote the required time and resources to complex and detailed investigations due to their responsibility of responding to 911 calls. The Detective Bureau is a vital support service. Detectives conduct in-depth investigations on reported crimes. In addition, they compile criminal intelligence to determine pattern (aids in identifying an offender and crime prevention). Detectives are also trained crime scene technicians. Detectives work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. They also work closely with prosecuting attorneys throughout the prosecution phase of an alleged offender.